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Evilness is a thrash/death metal band,

known for raw energy on stage & innovative performances.

Ludovic Chiffot - Vocals

Sébastien Chiffot - Guitars

Fabien Wheeler - Bass (live)

Romain Choisy - Drums


Evilness was originally founded by Seb (Guitars) in 2008; first the band played melodic death metal (inspired by Death, Pestilence), and then moved to a more raw thrash way with still a melodic touch.

2011 Evilness supported the Dance Company "Elirale" as part of an original creation mixing modern dance & death metal : Gorpitz.

2013 was initiated the incredible and original concept "Blasting on your Street"​. Without any advertising & approval, the band comes somewhere and prepares a gig as quickly as possible for a raw and surprising show. Meetings between thrash metal & random people were excellent; unique and unforgettable experiences.

15 Nov. 2013 was released the EP "Unreachable Clarity". It was followed by more than 50 shows in France, Spain & Belgium, including the Xtreme Fest (France). Ludo (Vocals) joined the band as punchy leader on stage, opening for famous bands such as Hacride, Misery Index, M.O.D., No Return, Blazing War Machine.

2015 Romain (drums) joined the band. Level increased from both sound and technical perspectives, refining the Evilness' style to pure thrash metal with melodic touch.

2018 March 30th New Album "New perspectives, No evolution" is released. In the same time Fab (bass) joins the band on live.

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